Subject Matter

Very simply put, my art seeks to express the subtle plays of light, color and energy found in nature. When I look out at the world around me, I see so many beautiful colors and I have come to realize that many others simply miss them or in growing up have forgotten how to see them altogether. The eyes of a child are so wonderful because they don’t seek to simplify everything to its most base nature, rather they let the full spectrum of spectacular beauty in. 

It is my desire that my art will help people remember how to see through the eyes of a child. To notice the infinite rainbow colors that dance across the world around us. Where you may simply see brown, I encourage you to look harder and notice that the brown you are seeing is actually the result of the dance happening between pinks, reds, blues and oranges. 

Notice how the sunlight streaming in through the trees creates an infinite number of new shapes and sends shadows spilling across every surface further enriching the rainbow of color and light. We live in a society where standing out is frowned upon and even discouraged and so I feel that our vision oftentimes follows suit of our minds. We forget to see the kaleidoscope of beauty that surrounds us at all times. 

It is my hope that when you look at one of my paintings, you will remember that pair of lenses you wore as a child. The ones that made the world a wondrous place full of new and exciting things. I hope you will feel an overflowing of joy and happiness as the colors dance in your mind’s eye and that they will leave a lasting impression so that you will remember how to find the subtle rainbows wherever you look.