Ormes Peak


In this painting I sought to evoke the feeling I experienced on a late winter afternoon as the sun sank low creating a beautiful dance between light and shadow. The golden hour is one of the most magical times of day and I am so incredibly taken by the way it illuminates the grass and trees here in Colorado with a shimmery ethereal light. Ormes peak was burned in a forest fire years back giving the still standing trees a sort of eerie skeletal quality. The entire forest was silent and I watched in reverence as the lengthening shadows of the trees pointed us back towards the van almost as if the forest was giving its warning of the soon falling darkness of yet another early winter’s night. Before we turned to go I gave one final look at the sunlight and shadow scattering rainbows across the rocks and snow, an image I won’t soon forget and one that is immortalized in this painting.


This is an original painting on stretched canvas. The dimensions are 24”x30”. This piece was created using recycled plastic grocery bags, acrylic and gouache. Shipping in the United States is free. Please contact me directly for international shipping costs.