Environmental Mission

My art is unique in that I create many of my pieces using discarded plastic grocery bags which I gladly take off the hands of basically everyone I know. Plastic is a HUGE problem that our world is facing and yet it amazes me how little most folks are willing to change their ways in order to address and begin easing the plastic burden on our planet. A few years ago I found myself wondering how I could help beyond just making the conscious effort to use less plastic and pick up discarded trash when I could. 

One afternoon on a hike in one of my favorite places back home in Georgia I was struck with an idea to use plastic grocery bags as a textural ground within my paintings. Naturally this took some trial and error as paint didn’t initially love sticking to the bags. After a year or so of practicing though, I found a process that works and I have begun using this technique in every painting I create. 

On average a small painting uses about one or two bags while the larger pieces can use up to four or five. The resulting texture is something of a psychedelic nature which I love and it adds a level of aliveness to my pieces that I felt was lacking in the past.  

Your purchase not only helps keep my dream of being a full time artist realized but also helps aid in the cleanup of our planet. Thank you for your support and please feel good knowing that you are helping to make a difference in the world.